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Chicago TMJ Treatments

Eliminate Pain and Realign Your Jaw

Dr. Harvey Mahler TMJ dentist


Dr. Mahler has over 30 years treating patients at his Chicago Loop dental office! He’s an expert in cosmetic, preventive, and restorative dental care. He specializes in the treatment of TMJ disorders and use of modern orthodontics. You’ll receive cutting-edge high-tech care at Smile 312

Recent studies suggest that over 10 million people in the United States may suffer from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. Most cases are misdiagnosed (or worse not diagnosed at all), leaving millions of people with unbearable pain in their mouth and jaw.

Do You…

  • Have trouble chewing or biting?
  • Hear a pop or click when you open or close your mouth?
  • Feel a deep, dull ache in your face, especially around your jaw?
  • Suffer frequently from headaches, earaches, or lockjaw?

If so, you might be among the millions who have TMJ disorder.

Dr. Harvey Mahler at Smile 312 can help. Smile 312 is always welcoming new patients and our office is conveniently located in the Chicago Loop.

What is TMJ?

Your temporomandibular joints are what connect your jawbone to your skull. Pain in this area is often called TMJ disorder or just TMJ or TMD for short.

What Causes TMJ Pain?

When the joints around your jaw are stressed, the results can include headaches, muscle aches, and pain that keeps you from chewing, biting, and even simply enjoying your life.

Each case of TMJ disorder is unique. Identifying the cause of your pain requires a full dental examination. The root cause of your TMJ might include:

  • A naturally misaligned bite or one caused by incorrectly fit braces
  • Weakness in your facial muscles
  • Psychological and physical stress resulting in tooth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Physical damage to your facial bones, including fractures or dislocations
  • Poor posture from sitting in front of a computer at work
  • Other conditions like arthritis, nerve damage, or even whiplash

Have You Been Diagnosed With TMJ?

Smile 312 Can Help.

Not all dentists are equipped to treat TMJ and eliminate its painful symptoms. Some ear, nose, and throat doctors may be able to treat the symptoms of TMJ pain but not resolve the root cause.

If you need help treating your chronic TMJ pain, contact Dr. Mahler and ask for a second opinion.

You don’t have to live in pain any longer.

Chicago Loop dentist testimonial - Ralph

5-Star Care

“Dr. Mahler is a perfectionist! This was the most thorough dental exam and cleaning I have ever had. He made the process of having to get a crown comfortable and pain-free. His explanations were thorough and his demeanor calming. Highly recommended!” – Ralph K.

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What To Expect From Your TMJ Examination

When you visit Smile 312 for TMJ treatment services:

  1. Dr. Mahler will perform a physical examination of your jaw and bite.
  2. An X-Ray, or other image, may be taken to help visualize the structures of your mouth and jaw.
  3. Dr. Mahler will listen to you and help you understand what might be causing your TMJ pain.
  4. Together with Dr. Mahler, you’ll develop a treatment plan to eliminate your TMJ pain for good.

How Our TMJ Treatments Work

After your TMJ examination, Dr. Mahler will work with you to develop a treatment plan that may include:

  1. Bite splint fabrication to deprogram your jaw muscles, prevent clenching and reposition
  2. Your jaw to a more favorable and comfortable anatomical position.
  3. Recommend a home therapy program including specific jaw exercises with diet and lifestyle changes
  4. Coordinate your treatment with other specialists, including ENT (otolaryngologists)
  5. Physical therapists and other dental specialists.

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Are you suffering from pain in your mouth and jaw? You might have TMJ disorder. At Smile 312, we believe you deserve relief from the pain of TMJ. Contact us with the form below or call (312) 263-5262 to schedule your appointment!


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