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Chicago Loop Invisalign Dentist

You Can Have the Beautiful Smile You’ve Always Dreamed About…

Dr. Harvey Mahler TMJ dentist


Dr. Mahler has over 30 years treating patients at his Chicago Loop dental office! He’s an expert in cosmetic, preventive, and restorative dental care. He specializes in the treatment of TMJ disorders and use of modern orthodontics. You’ll receive cutting-edge high-tech care at Smile 312

Have you been putting off thinking about straightening your teeth? Are you worried about the hassle, inconvenience, and pain of traditional metal braces?

Fortunately, there’s a better option: Invisalign!

At our Chicago Loop dental office, we offer Invisalign invisible braces that provide better results than traditional metal braces without the drawbacks and inconvenience.

Is your smile…

  • Making you self-conscious?
  • Contributing to TMJ pain?
  • Causing problems with your bite?

Invisalign Can Help! Keep Reading to Learn More…

You Should Know:

Many Forms of Dental Insurance Cover Invisalign.

Contact Smile 312 to Find Out if Your Invisible Braces Might Be Covered.

Chicago Loop dentist testimonial - Vero

5-Star Care

“Dr. Mahler is the best dentist I’ve ever had! He’s friendly, polite, clear, concise, precise, and very patient with kids. He elaborates a clear treatment plan to bring your mouth up to speed and even includes a financial plan to help you!” – Vero T.

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Is Invisalign Right For You?

If you’re unhappy with your smile or wish your teeth could be straighter or have a misaligned bite, Invisalign invisible braces might be right for you. Invisalign is not for young children but is a great choice for teens and adults.


  • Provides Fast Results!
  • Is Nearly Invisible!
  • Is Comfortable and Convenient!

Dr. Mahler can tell you more about your options and help you decide on the best invisible orthodontics treatment.

Dr. Mahler’s Process

  1. Dr. Mahler begins by taking an impression of your teeth and a set of photos.
  2. Using the photos and impression as a guide, an experienced dental technician will build your set of custom-made Invisalign invisible braces.
  3. Over the course of 6-24 months, you’ll wear your Invisalign invisible braces and will see an incredible transformation in your smile.

If you’re interested in seeing if Invisalign invisible braces are right for you, just ask Dr. Mahler at your next appointment.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

  Invisalign Traditional Braces
Work Well in a Variety of Patients?
Essentially Invisible?
Removable for Meals?
No Painful Wires & Metal?

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Let’s talk about how you want your smile to look and develop a plan to achieve results you’re really love. Contact us with the form below or call (312) 263-5262 to schedule your appointment!


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