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Dr. Harvey J. Mahler and our professional dental team understand that the decision to straighten your teeth affects more than just your smile’s appearance. It can also have a notable impact on your lifestyle. For this reason, we offer invisible braces in Chicago, Illinois, that are discreet, clear and usually unnoticeable to others. They also require much less maintenance and care, meaning less of an inconvenience in your lifestyle and oral hygiene habits.

Metal brackets and wires are no longer the only means to getting a straight smile! Our clear aligners are customized, removable trays that gradually straighten teeth into the correct position. Every few weeks, you will need to visit our dentist at Smile 312 for a new set of trays. During these visits, we will also perform a routine examination to ensure that your treatment is progressing as intended.

When people see a straight smile, they associate it with good oral health and hygiene. For most people, it’s also more attractive. If you want to create the most flattering first impression possible and learn more about the convenience and comfort of clear aligners, contact us at (312) 548-8500! We will happily see you for a consultation and give you more information about whether you could benefit from this leading orthodontic treatment.

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