Our dentist and team work every day to give our esteemed patients the quality dental care they deserve. We do so with a variety of technologies and treatment techniques, which you are invited to read more about below. If you have questions about the benefits of Dr. Harvey J. Mahler using advanced dental technology in Chicago, Illinois, give our team at Smile 312 a call at (312) 548-8500.

Digital X-Rays

With digital X-rays, we can identify and diagnose several types of oral health issues, such as bone loss, decay in between teeth, cysts, infections, fractures and more. We use X-ray imaging for nearly every kind of dental treatment from oral surgery procedures like dental implants to orthodontics and root canal therapy.

Intraoral Camera

As a more comfortable way of viewing our patients’ dental structures, we proudly utilize intraoral cameras at our practice. It can be used to diagnose tooth decay and periodontal disease. The images taken also provide patients with a better view and understanding of their oral health.

Diode Laser

The diode laser is a versatile dental technology and can be used in many procedures, such as recontouring a gum line, speeding up teeth whitening treatments, removing the damaged portion of a tooth or treating periodontal disease.

DentalVibe Injection System

Anesthesia can be used with nearly any dental service as it reduces any pain and discomfort. DentalVibe is a handheld machine that uses gentle vibrations to soothe your teeth and gums before and during your procedure. It also interrupts any pain signals and enhances your comfort.

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