A missing tooth can compromise the beauty of your smile, and it can also create oral health issues. If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row, Dr. Harvey J. Mahler may recommend dental bridges.

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration placed between two teeth in order to take the place of one or more missing teeth. It can usually be anchored using two dental crowns, but you can ask about additional treatment options for your bridge. No matter how it is secured, it should not come loose or easily shift with the care of our experienced dentist, Dr. Mahler.

Dental bridges in Chicago, Illinois, are a proven dental solution and are designed to last for many years in restoring the function, beauty and health of your smile. They may be recommended to:

  • Restore your ability to speak, eat and chew properly
  • Alleviate excess stress on the bite
  • Improve the shape and volume of your face
  • Replace an unwanted removable partial denture
  • Prevent the remaining natural teeth from moving out of position
  • Enhance the appearance of your smile

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