At Smile 312, we have cared for patients who opt for removable dentures. This option has its benefits, but for some, it can be uncomfortable and cause sores along the gums. If you are interested in an alternative option, we can also provide you with implant-supported dentures in Chicago, Illinois.

The treatment process is similar to when you get single or multiple dental implants. After the implants are placed, a healing time is needed to allow the titanium posts to settle into the jaw bone. Our dentist will be involved in helping determine the exact number of implants needed.

Implant-supported dentures are a full set of dentures that clasp securely along your jawline. With this appliance in place, your smile functions and appears like your natural teeth. It is supported by dental implants, but it can be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes. You will be able to snap your dentures into place before eating, drinking and speaking, so you can have increased stability and comfort. To visit with Harvey J. Mahler about this popular and proven oral appliance, call us today at (312) 548-8500! We will gladly help arrange your consultation at a time that is most convenient for you.

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