Summer Update

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Dear Valued Patient,

We hope you and your family are healthy and safe since our last letter. There have been significant changes (mass vaccinations, reopenings and loosening both indoor and outdoor restrictions) but also the COVID-19 Delta variant and changing FDA/CDC guidelines. As always, we are keeping up to date with these developments and will continue to do so. 30 North Michigan building is no longer requiring a mask to enter the building but all healthcare facilities, staff and visitors are required to wear masks per the CDC directives which we follow.

On a happier note, it was 35 years ago this week that I began my practice downtown. Several moves later, we are now celebrating our practice anniversary in our current office. When I think back to my first office and the equipment I “inherited” from Dr. Jerilyn Fuhrer before she returned to NY, it seems like such a long time ago. In fact, I donated several items of historical interest to the ADA which they display in their archives, LOL. More importantly, the patients who I met that week (just saw one the other day) trusted me with their teeth and health and that I will never forget.

Back to the future; we now have an almost 100% digital workflow. What that means is we are using our new intraoral scanner to capture, design and create almost lifelike replacements for our patient’s needs. In addition, our partner laboratories are able to finish and complete the work in a fraction of the time and improved accuracy.

As we approach the fall, we are seeing our patients returning home to Chicago and back to their offices and new patients relocating from all over the country. We appreciate all of your goodwill and referrals from you of your new neighbors, friends, co-workers and relatives. Finally meeting your sister, son or grandma is really cool.

With many patients returning to the office, I would like to remind you that dental benefits do not roll over and it is important to use ALL of your benefits that you are entitled to in the calendar year that they are assigned. We are seeing many patients returning in need of major work and it is important to get started sooner rather than later. Prevention saves money.

Thank you again for the kind words, well wishes and special gifts which you have brought us this past year. Our practice is special because of YOU.


Harvey Jay Mahler DDS