Welcome Back!   

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It has been almost 2 years since I first wrote to you about COVID-19 and the beginning of the pandemic.  It was scary then and I still remember patients asking me when do you think it will be over?  I honestly think we are now getting closer to the end but still have a bit more to go.

The Governor and the State of Illinois will be lifting the indoor mask mandate on February 28th and that will include 30 North Michigan.  It does not include any and all health care facilities and the ISDS (Illinois State Dental Society) still requires masks be worn in dental offices which we will continue to do.  We look forward to seeing your faces (and smiles) without masks in the near future but will wait for the appropriate time and directives.

Last week I was able to return in person to the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter meeting at McCormick Place.  Last year was virtual as many of your workplace environments have been and it was both exhilarating and just a little bit weird to be back at a convention.  I volunteered to introduce other speakers and help out with classes and was able to check out all the new products, software and innovations which were introduced at this meeting.  It was nice to see friends from all over the world who flew in to be here.  It was also reassuring to know that our office is both current and in many cases “ahead of the curve” in regards to our digital approach in both planning and delivering treatment that is both state of the art and the standard of care.  The 3D intraoral scanner which we introduced last year has been a game changer for both our patients and our practice.

We are seeing our patients return home from all over the world and it is truly gratifying to not only have you back but also your new partners, kids, parents and even grandparents!  To have that trust is one of the true benefits of being your dentist.  As our patients have traveled the world, we have also adapted to deal with the stresses of modern life and the emergencies which have arisen.  We are seeing a lot of cracked teeth from clenching, gritting and grinding to advanced gum disease and cavities which have resulted from delays in seeking out treatment.  We are now using teledentistry to both triage and diagnose issues before coming into the office.  Always feel free to snap a pic, send an email or just call us if you have a concern or question and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.

I cannot express in words our gratitude to you for the continued outpouring of support and love which you have shown us over the last six months.  It has not been easy and we truly thank you for it.  Again, looking forward to a healthy 2022!

Harvey Jay Mahler DDS

Sam and Jo