Letter to Our Patients

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Dear Valued Patient and Family,

It was exactly one year ago today that I first wrote about a new coronavirus, COVID-19, which was beginning to emerge. That was on Friday. Our second letter came just a few days later on Monday when the Governor and the Illinois State Dental Society shut down non-essential dental services for the next several months. We reopened and kept in touch with our patients through this email newsletter, social media and in person.

As always, the health and safety of our patients are paramount and our primary concern. I am pleased to let you know that my entire staff and I are now fully vaccinated and looking forward to seeing all of our patients in the near future joining us. Our office protocols will remain in place for the foreseeable future following CDC and ADA guidelines until advised otherwise.

As our practice continues to grow, we are happy to announce we will soon be using a digital scanner to take impressions. We have used an intraoral camera for over 25 years to see “inside” your mouth and now, with the technology available, we can now take those images and send them as 3-D files to the laboratory. This will not only improve accuracy but eliminate messy molds and help kids and adults who sometimes struggle with stuff in their mouths (like me). With the press of a button, the files (STL) can be sent saving precious time for the lab to begin your work.

Finally, as always, we are grateful for your kind words, tasty cookies, flowers and unique gifts that you have brought us this past year. Most importantly, the trust you have shown my staff and I will forever be remembered. Let’s move forward and have an unforgettable year, not a year to forget.


Harvey Jay Mahler DDS
Raquel & Jo