Welcome Back!   

It has been almost 2 years since I first wrote to you about COVID-19 and the beginning of the pandemic.  It was scary then and I still remember patients asking me when do you think it will be over?  I honestly think we are now getting closer to the end but still have a bit more to go. The Governor... read more »

Raquel Rodriguez – She Will Be Missed

Dear Valued Patient, I am writing to you with very sad news. Our office manager, Raquel Rodriguez was struck and killed by an express train this morning in Hammond Indiana. I wanted to let you know before seeing it on the evening/morning news. It has been a difficult day but we have always kept our patients informed whatever the news... read more »

Summer Update

Dear Valued Patient, We hope you and your family are healthy and safe since our last letter. There have been significant changes (mass vaccinations, reopenings and loosening both indoor and outdoor restrictions) but also the COVID-19 Delta variant and changing FDA/CDC guidelines. As always, we are keeping up to date with these developments and will continue to do so. 30... read more »

Letter to Our Patients

Dear Valued Patient and Family, It was exactly one year ago today that I first wrote about a new coronavirus, COVID-19, which was beginning to emerge. That was on Friday. Our second letter came just a few days later on Monday when the Governor and the Illinois State Dental Society shut down non-essential dental services for the next several months.... read more »

Sincere Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year! 

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone sincere wishes for a happy and healthy new year. 2020 has truly been a roller coaster ride (don't like them, LOL), with some incredible highs and challenging lows with everything in between.  Like many of our patients, we now have a "new normal" which has been created by COVID-19.  Our office... read more »