About Our Dental Office Chicago

Where You Can Expect Health- Centered, Patient- Focused Dentistry

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Situated in the Chicago Loop since 1986, Dr. Harvey Jay Mahler and the staff at Smile 312 General Cosmetic Implant Dentistry take a whole-body approach when treating dental patients of all ages. While smiles continue to be his specialty, it is patients’ overall health that remains his passion. As a result, his decades of experience and commitment to conservative, comprehensive dentistry make him the preferred choice for better oral healthcare by individuals throughout the world.

Trusted by Patients Across the Globe

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It is rare to find a dentist who sees patients from other parts of the world; however, Dr. Mahler’s extensive training, experience, and reputation precedes him. With individuals flying in from all over the country to our Chicago dental office, he continually works hard to build relationships and earn patients’ trust.

40+ Years of Experience

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Unlike many of the dentists in the area who have only been working a short time, Dr. Mahler has been practicing for more than two decades. Also, his holistic approach draws many new families who are looking to improve not only their smiles but also their overall health.

You’ll See the Same Dentist Every Time

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When arriving at Smile 312 General Cosmetic Implant Dentistry, you will not find a revolving door of staff coming and going. Instead, you can expect to see Dr. Mahler each time you visit. From the beginning to the end of each treatment plan, he communicates well with patients so that individuals never feel in the dark about their dental care.

Leading-Edge Dental Technology

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Modernized dentistry is important to Dr. Mahler and our team at Smile 312 General Cosmetic Implant Dentistry. Using new innovations in technology such as a digital impression system and soft tissue laser, as well as a 100% digital workflow, patients can expect a more accurate, comfortable, and streamlined approach to oral healthcare.

Professional & Caring Dental Team

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Our team might be small, but we are excellent at caring for patients of all ages. Whether it is a toddler or senior who needs help, we possess a compassionate demeanor and comprehensive solutions to improve smiles of all types. We also maintain a mindful approach when treating those who are disabled or on the spectrum.

Welcoming Dental Patients of All Ages

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Children, teenagers, families, seniors, and those who require more advanced dental work can expect to receive the same high-quality, first-rate dental care from our Smile 312 General Cosmetic Implant Dentistry team. Dr. Mahler’s experience combined with our team’s passion for helping others creates a space where everyone feels welcome and at home.