Replace Missing Teeth Chicago

It’s Time to Put Your Smile Back Together

Woman in orange blouse smiling after replacing missing teeth in Chicago

An incomplete smile doesn’t have to last forever. At Smile 312 General Cosmetic Implant Dentistry, we promote greater overall health and wellness and part of this is making sure that your smile is complete. Dr. Mahler’s decades of experience make it possible for him to recommend dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants as effective solutions to tooth loss. We invite you to call and schedule a complimentary consultation so that we can begin the process of putting your smile back together by replacing missing teeth in Chicago.


Why Choose Smile 312 General Cosmetic Implant Dentistry for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • Complimentary Consultations Available
  • Accessibility-Minded Dental Team
  • Personalized Approach to Build Lasting Patient Relationships


Dental Bridges

Illustrated dental bridge replacing a missing tooth

Dental bridges rely on healthy abutment teeth to remain in place. Although we believe in taking a more conservative approach to dental care, these prosthetics require anchors to avoid shifting over time. Comprised of two dental crowns and free-standing replacement teeth, dental bridges can replace multiple consecutively missing teeth along an arch, delivering greater bite force and function for a healthier smile.


Dentist holding a set of full dentures

Serving as the predominant tooth replacement solution for decades and even centuries, full and partial dentures are a non-invasive form of treatment that can rebuild smiles, so they are visually appealing and functional. Crafted from acrylic and gum-colored materials, artificial teeth are positioned on top of the base before a metal framework attaches to natural teeth to hold partial dentures in place. Full dentures rely on natural suction with many patients opting for denture adhesives for added security.

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Dental Implants

Illustrated dental implant replacing a missing tooth

Dr. Mahler works closely with local dental implant specialists who can place dental implants. As small biocompatible posts that fuse with bone tissues, they replace the complete root-to-crown structure so that teeth function like normal. Providing continuous stimulation to the bone, dental implants lower the risk of facial changes and bone loss over time, and they help to improve bite force and chewing power, so you can eat the foods you love without any worry.

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