Advanced Dental Technology Chicago

Where Digital Dentistry Produces Accurate, Beautiful Results

Several dental instruments on table with X ray of teeth in background

The field of dentistry is continually evolving. With new research and systems being developed each day, and innovative technologies allowing for faster, more accurate results, Dr. Mahler and our Smile 312 General Cosmetic Implant Dentistry team plan to stay at the forefront of these advancements. Equipped with a 100% digital workflow, digital photography for cosmetic dentistry, a soft tissue laser, digital impressions, and more, we invite you to learn more about the advanced dental technology in Chicago that we use in-house and call us with any questions.


Digital Dental Impressions

Dentist capturing digital impressions of teeth

Cold, gag-inducing dental putty used to be the only way to capture smile impressions. Now, there is a more user-friendly and mess-free approach – digital impressions. Using our Medit i500 intraoral scanner, the handheld device can quickly capture images of your teeth and gums so that a projected three-dimensional model appears on a nearby computer. Making necessary adjustments, the images can be sent to a dental lab for the creation of a custom restoration.

Soft Tissue Laser

Hand holding a small dental laser device

Whether it is targeting infected gum tissue or creating a more even gumline, our Picasso soft tissue diode laser makes the process easier and more enjoyable. While stitches and sutures are highly invasive, the use of laser dentistry not only minimizes post-operative recovery times but also reduces bleeding, swelling, and the possibility of developing an infection after treatment is complete.

Intraoral Cameras

Gloved hands holding a thin white intraoral camera

Being able to see what it is that Dr. Mahler sees is now possible thanks to our intraoral cameras. These handheld devices have a small camera located at the tip of the scanner so that images of your teeth and gums can be captured and projected onto a chairside monitor. This makes it easier for our team to evaluate the status of your smile while also allowing you to learn more about your oral health and the need for certain dental services.


Small white dental instrument attached to a stand

When needing local anesthesia before a procedure, Dr. Mahler can eliminate the fears associated with needles by using DentalVibe®. This unique device massages the nerves and tissues that surround the proposed injection site. Because of the vibrations it creates, pain signals are blocked so that the brain does not register any discomfort when the anesthesia is administered. As a result, you can expect to have a more enjoyable experience.