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Smile 312 is a full-service Chicago dental practice, offering cosmetic, preventive, and restorative care options from our office located in the Chicago Loop.

How Snoring is Affecting Your Dental Health

Snoring can have a profound impact on your dental health. Even at its mildest, snoring dries out your mouth and prevents your oral cavity from doing the self-care needed to keep you healthy. Snoring can also be an indicator of larger, more serious health issues. Snoring can also mean you are not sleeping as well as you could be, leading to you not being your full self during the day.

Fortunately, snoring is manageable. It can even be treated in most cases. That said, it is important to treat early to ensure that you, and your mouth, are as healthy as possible.


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How To Deal With Dental Anxiety

Many people who experience dental anxiety don’t realize how common it is. 20% of Americans experience enough dental anxiety that they avoid the dentist until it’s absolutely necessary, according to experts.

Dental anxiety is very real, but it shouldn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful, healthy smile. I’ve been a dentist in the Chicago Loop for more than 30 years, so I’ve worked with many patients who are anxious about dental work.

Today we’ll go over the best strategies for dealing with dental anxiety before and during your appointment.


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Guide To Dental Implants

Have you lost a tooth due to infection or injury? No matter what the cause of your missing tooth (or teeth), you need a solution that:

  • Looks natural
  • Provides a secure, solid bite
  • Protects your jawbone and other healthy teeth

For many of my patients at Smile 312, dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. But are dental implants right for you? In today’s post we’ll talk more about how dental implants are installed, as well as their benefits compared to other options like dentures.


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